Sciambra-Passini French Bakery

Before Sciambra, the Passini Bakery had been owned and operated since the early 1930's by the Passini family in Vallejo, CA.  In 1974 when the Passini family decided to close the business, Carl Sciambra, an Italian immigrant, who was employed by the Passini Bakery, decided he would rather buy the business than go looking for a new job. Thus a new era of business began.

Carl & Barbara Sciambra started their business by delivering from the family station wagon and selling breads from their tiny retail store. They then changed the name to include their own, Sciambra-Passini French Bakery Inc. 45 years later and 7 delivery routes strong, the family run business is still producing great quality bread and offering excellent service to their customers.  Currently the Sciambra's oldest son Michael owns and operates the business today, taking the company through yet another decade and era.

Michael Sciambra was just 14 years old when his father tought him how to bake bread.  Learning how to pan loaves of bread into a brick oven, considered an ancient art of baking, Michael then progressed forward on more modern methods of baking with the revolving oven, and finally the rack ovens which are still in use today.  By the time Michael was 18 years of age he had learned all of the baking positions in the business.  Starting with mixing dough’s and operating the proof boxes, to baking the breads and readying the orders for delivery.

We hope you will allow us to come to your business and offer you a taste of what Carl & Barbara Sciambra began so long ago: superior product, friendly service, and family produced.  

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